Lean in – a book for every woman & (surprisingly) man

  1. I have one thing to add to this. It's great as long as your goal is to have women compete with men in the same way that men compete with men. I say this because men and women operate differently and the corporate and political cultures (at least in the US) were set up by men, and so operate in that specific way.

    Tangible example: how do you get to the top of the ladder? Does it involve spending lots of time with your family, building relationships with co-workers, and collaborative problem solving; or is it generally more about being devoted to the company (or your career) over your co-workers, willing to put in long hours, and knowing how to be a good soldier until you become the general?

    This is not to say that there aren't some bright spots in the new corporate world (especially where tech and innovation are concerned) where the traditional model is being replaced with a more nurturing, collaborative, horizontal model, but it is to say that I think Sheryl's perspective is only correct if you want to accomplish what she has accomplished and be who she is (which many women do).

    I just find that it is very much an in-the-box solution that misses the broader cultural issues that we have around respecting the unique skills that women have that men don't and through that being able to (as the French say) vive La Différence!

    Curious to hear your response.

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