Larry Madowo on Digital Migration (Oops!) – a hoi polloi response.

  1. larry shouldtrealise that there is more to life than the analogue 3…unfortunately,his head is buried in the sand.tumetoka analok>>>dichito

  2. Problem I have right now is what set box will finally be most suitable for me. For now I have @DStv_Kenya & internet WiFi @YouTube . I can relate to what u have said @alkags being in Marketing of Veterinary services. People move on. I remember the Mututho changes @alkags I wondered how u get to know how many watched #Oscars2015 ! or a certain #EPL football match #AFCON2015. u have said it. Now I know. I have also learnt @WinnieMangeni Hilarious. Still reading. I am learning a lot of stuff from your rebuttal of Larry M. For eg @BellesaAfrica just subscribed. Seen u @ConnieAluoch Awesome

  3. The thing that makes me excited about migration is digital equity. Look as a guy who grew up in the country side (ntv & ktn) decided that my area was not economically viable enough for briadcast. So we had to make do with KBC & Citizen (much later) and I had to contend with being the stupid fool against in highschool ( I take that on you). Now a guy in Wajir or Nyandarua for god's sake will be as informed as the average flippant Nairobi teen. I call that progress

  4. But that Mututho comment???? Totally off. You've written well about everything BUT THE ISSUES. Which are digital signals allocation, distributing body and digital broadcasters autonomy. Basically control of digital signals by unknown people.

  5. The switch off was good for us. Let us embrace digital migration at best. Competition, viewership loyalty and ratings are already changing drastically.

  6. The biggest mistake Kenyans make is that they take the opinions of the Larry's of this world too serious. Here is a guy incessantly trying to prove a point, but Kenyans are more intelligent than these media guys think. Rather than spend energy on propaganda and hollow homilies, the analogue 3 must now strategize and order for more floaters, the boat is sinking, on the shores people are trying to signal a warning but inside the ship they think the signal is an ululation.

  7. Whats sad as well is that Larry took it out on his followers. We watch Larry Madowo… not NTV. If Larry madowo moves to KTN, we will likely watch him there… if he then moves to Citizen all the same. Larry.. you are NOT NTV…and NTV is not Larry Madowo…. (unless you have gotten lots of shares). Either way… I believe your greatest revenue is from the ratings and the people you get to watch your show who drive up your earnings… not the technology they watch on… or the channel (if you post your videos on you blog it won't be DVBT2 or NTV). When the dust settles… there will be people having that bitter after taste as they watch Larry Madowo show. So for his own sake, his ratings etc… he shouldn't berate the people… discuss the issue objectively… and win the hearts of your audience. I also have no plans (or budget) for an ADN decoder. But I must say I have enough to watch already 😀

  8. Wonderfully done article. The only people that get destroyed by change and new inventions are those that resist them. Change can make or break; and the Analogue 3 have chosen the route of oblivion….. at last we can all breath!!

  9. We are all for migration to digital with all the befits that accrue. It is the way Kenya is carrying out its bit. End result like in Tanzania and others before it, a big percentage of viewers cannot watch any television which otherwise they have been for a long long time. They have to invest in new boxes, where is the money? The government seems to imagine that when they deny its citizens analogue, they will simply queue for the boxes. They will do other things. Since they raided the transmitters and carried away the gadgets, I haven't watched TV and I'm fine. As good as digitalising TV may be, government has goofed and denied its people their rights whatever anybody says.

  10. what i foresee is some CEOs being taken to task for making bad business calls…truth is Macharia is a lone ranger hence he can afford to fly off the handle whenever he wishes…however i cannot say that about Shollei and Linus….AGMs are coming, profits have plummeted, man hours have been wasted, the books dont look too good…questions will have to be answered….and finally Larry Madowo shut the F#@$k up…this war is way beyond your pay grade..

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