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Masaibu: couples at the supermarket – heaven and hell depending on who you ask.

Have you ever watched couples in the supermarket?

The chap usually looks (and feels, I assure you) like he would calmly stroll over to the knife section and stab himself multiple times… he is using his limited intelligence to finds all ways to exercise patience. He is thinking ” we have a list. There is no reason why we should spend 15 minutes an aisle!”

She, meanwhile is blissfully unaware, stopping at every product (that is not on the list) , which she examines with the concentration of Einstein, then puts it back with a wistful comment… “I think one day we should come for one of these. Maybe a green one, yeah?”

“Yeah…” he takes a yoga breath and wonders how Arsenal will do this week. They stop at something that is on the list. She examines every other brand than the one they ALWAYS pick. “Wow, these guys have upped their game…”  Then picks the one they always pick.

At this point he is mapping out his week’s calendar, even as he mumbles in agreement to her thoughts about possible things they might pick in the distant future.

“Do you think I should go with spicy red or blond? Maybe the spicy red” her monologue continues before he has time to reply.

He thinks, “Eish, I must love her.”

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