I am romantic! I am!

  1. kenyans are not exactly my favorite east africans as a nation but i must say you have a sense of humour, something the brothers across the border could do with

  2. its delivery was hilarious yes, but goes a step further to make you think and want to change that kenyan nature…nat in its whole but enuf to ensure that my people know when to execute romance and when to hit njuguna’s

  3. You are a romantic, not romantic i.e poor in manners with a shallow pocket daz y u can afford to tek her to njuguna’s instead of somewea beta

  4. Gaaard! Hilarious z th word. So sad tht mst Kenyan men r jus th way u depict em,oh wen wud they learn 2 b atlist gentlemanish, open th döor 4 ha, or let ha go ahead f u wen u rich a narrow path n thea r many ppl around

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