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Hillary for President

If it was up to me to set the agenda for Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Campaign and it was up to me to write a speech about it, this is it. Interestingly, as far as she is concerned, I atually believe it.

This is certainly going to be an exciting ride, not only for the American People, but also for people around the world, who are affected in very direct ways by American Foreign Policy.

Hillary’s coming in heralds a great new era for America in many ways. First, as a leader, as a Democrat, she has distinguished herself as a sober, thorough thinker, a doer, and a person who has the American people’s welfare at heart.

As the first woman President, Hillary’s administration, will begin America’s true strides towards the empowerment of women and girls – not only in the world’s greatest democracy, where shockingly the glass ceiling still exists, but also in the rest of the free world, where that glass ceiling is in many cases, much lower.

It is time, now that George Bush had led America and indeed the free world, into a greedy mistake, that has caused the lives of many American, British and Middle Eastern mothers to suffer in anguished caused by losing their sons and daughters; that in the name of democracy has caused many livelihoods not only in Afghanistan and Iraq but also in America to be ruined and at the very least made difficult; indeed a war that has had America’s financial surplus turn to dust and blood, it is time that America stopped and made a change.

It is time, that America and the world had a conversation and paid closer attention to the domestic situation, to the basics that have been plundered in America: Jobs, Health, Housing, Poverty and perhaps most of all, America’s spirit.

It is time that America and the world had a conversation about the livelihood of millions of people in the middle east that America can rebuild in the spirit of mutual respect, and with America fostering true partnership and friendship.

It is time that America had a conversation about the environment that has been long ignored and that is long over due. It is time that America fostered conversation between the industries and the activists and found concrete, actionable and measurable solutions to America’s worsening environmental situation.

It is time that America stood up again as the world’s greatest democracy, in humility and pride and takes back the position of honor that it has lost through arrogance and lack of dialogue.

It is time that the Democrats again showed what democracy means. It is time that Americans started speaking to one another and to Africa, Asia, Europe, The Middle East and South America.

It is time that America reached out and healed its wounds with America’s hurting mothers uniting to bring healing to America’s spirit and well being as only a mother’s loving touch will.

It is time that Hillary Rodham Clinton led America to a life of friendship, respect, prosperity and strength.

It is time.

Al Kags
Nairobi, Kenya

I am a writer first and foremost. I am passionate about social entrepreneurship, which I define by finding ways to innovate the world’s processes to make life better for people – whether in business or in the non-profit sector. I am professionally involved at the Open Institute, Thellesi Co and various agricultural ventures.

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