Fire. Again. With Political Melodrama (yawn.)

  1. Class action suit? By illegal squatters who've been repeatedly warned and ordered to leave the area? No reputable lawyer would take up such a case. You cannot benefit from an illegality.

  2. Govt is me and you and what we have failed to do is to assert our selves. I suspect political parties(just like the family is to a country) are the fundamental institutions of govt that we have given a wide berth letting all the manner dirt and mud to manipulate the system and force dealers rather than leaders on us. join and form political parties. ODM and PNU are not political parties in my view. Read the documents on FB group Wekenya Twaweza and you see why I say so…

  3. I always wonder if there's a straightforward way to deal with these issues – without being bashed or being ridiculed so that first and foremost you are watching your back rather than promptly doing what's got to be done!

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