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This year, I have resolved to learn how to speak and write in Mandarin, China’s official languange. I have also resolved to try my damnedest to go to China on holiday in 2012. Why? Because it is fast becoming clear to me that China is going to overtake America as the world’s most important country – but it is going to do it differently – not through the imperialist (European influenced) style but through trade, business and investment. Naturally, Chinese culture will permiate the world as that continues but thats besides my point. I want to be infront of what opportunities come into Africa with the new shift.

Having said that, it is not a fact (I don’t believe) that America could be insignificant over the next 50 years, but it is true that China will be way more important to Africa.

I read this presentation about the future of china on Business Insider from the Swiss bank Credit Suisse and I have read a lot more about China and what China will mean for Africa. That some of Africa – especially Kenya – is in the throes of infrastructural development is an entry point for China and I suppose there are many more opportunities coming our way from the east.

My thoughts on China are far from organised. But my instinct says its time to learn about the country. And language is the first level.

Of course, when one reads of whole cities in China (mainly in inner Mongolia) that are empty, one wonders whether China is a lot of hype and little within. I suppose we shall soon see.

But also read 17 amazing facts about China that might blow your mind.

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