Celtel kicks Safaricom’s ass – Dec 22

  1. LOL! And there I was, downtown, wondering why the damn network doesn’t work. Those 10 bob really made the difference. Even sending SMS was a pain! And there were many guys selling Celtel SIMs yesterday…

  2. man don’t you think it’s health the competition. They shld also consider expanding there server or lines will always be busy every time one wants to access the network. Safaricom made a huge profit ever had it been made by any company here in Kenya. It’s time 4 them now to give something back to the community and by lowering the price will be a welcome thing.

  3. Indeed competition is healthy and the beneficiaries are ours truly – The Wanainchi. What we need now is a spoiler to come and mess Safaricom and Celtel up. The said company needs to be confident and brutal. They must set up a killer connectivity plan across the country, target the rural areas and have some crazy low prices. Then our truly can sit and watch the big guns run…

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