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Are there guidelines on the protocol to honor Kenya’s flag?

I am very passionate about two of our national symbols – The Flag of Kenya and the Kenya National Anthem. So passionate am I that my suits (always made to measure), always have a flag on them. I know that I share this passion together with many other Kenyans and I single out my friends Daudi Were and Alison Ngibuini for the near fanatical passion for these national symbols. 

Today, I had an appointment at the office of an international organisation and I was forced to wait a while in the reception. Soon after settling in, I observed that the flags were placed in this manner:

I was mortified. The flag of Kenya. Was placed on the shortest pole. The UK flag on the tallest pole (and this was not even a UK organisation!). When I raised the issue, I realised that majority of Kenyans – forget all others 

They rectified it as I stood there when I insisted and they confessed that they had no idea. 

So today my thought of the day is this: now that we all own the Kenya flag and can display it freely do we know how? Are there guidelines? I checked online for global guidelines and wikipedia had this. 

And on numerous occassions we see the flag flying in a sorry state in official places like police stations – dirty and even torn in some instances, do we have some enforcement mechanism to protect the display of the flag in a way that elevates us as a country?

I am looking for these guidelines. Please point me in their directions if you know of them. If not, which agency of government do we engage?

For the US, I found this. For Canada, I found this. For the UK I found this

Whats there for Kenya?

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