Are there guidelines on the protocol to honor Kenya’s flag?

  1. I may not know the guideline location, but here are three things i know about a national flag:
    1. It must never touch the ground. So many times I've seen event organizers dragging the flag on the ground as they set it up. I once used to setup flags at an organization i worked for, and if the flag was too long, I would use selotape and pins to ensure that it did not sag to the ground. It must not touch the ground. If you what when the flag is being brought down at 6pm at a chiefs camp, the AP rests it on the shoulder as he unties it. It must not touch the ground.

    2. You never burn a flag. Even if its old and tartered, you don't burn it. I'm not sure how they get rid of the ones made in the 70's, but even if its burnt, its in enclosure or in private. Public burning of flags is seen as disrespect which is why people burn foreign flags when they protest.

    3. If you are at an official event, I believe the host flag is on the right. If you are within an Embassy, the national flag of that country is on the right since technically you are being hosted by the foreign country. If you are out and about in the country, Kenya flag is on the right and other on the left.

    I agree, it would be great if the official flag was fully described in mordern day terms e.g. RGB or Pantone colour so that it is always exact, and even ratio of the white vs the other colors. Also, if there was a guideline on "offical sizes" it wouild leave room for many of us to hoist an "un-official size" flag in our houses to celebrate this national symbol, without being arrested for pretending to be Serikal.

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