1. My buddies(who went to boarding schools) tell me the parrafin stuff is true. It also happens in boys boarding schools.

  2. I don’t know about chics being put on chicken feed (what would be the purpose of this if I may ask?) But about paraffin being added to food, it’s an open secret. They used to do it at my school, some cooks even admitted to doing so.

  3. The chicken feed must be a 21st century addition. Paraffin however is for real. They put it shamelessly in our githeri to the extent that we had four layers in our plates. The food, water, oil (read paraffin) and weevils… bon appetite…

  4. I used to taste or is it smell paraffin(cant tell, was many years ago)But I never quite thot about it.However,,,,that aside.think about this.The kids are at their most fertile stage..adolesenct where the hormones are on high gear.They spend the days in class trying to get some knowledge and when this is not happeing,they engage in the pleasures of food(read junk and sweet nothings).Sports events are only once a year or once a term when they have various tournaments(which is usually first term so they get to offload all their december chapatis and chiken.SO what is left of the skul year???you can gues!!!!!
    My sis is 11years younger than me.She is in high skul but when we walk together,,,,,,,,,,they whistle at her!
    Now thats what kids feed on at skul!

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