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7 year old hero – and i’m related to her!!

7 year old saves mom

05:24 PM Mountain Standard Time on Monday, October 9, 2006

By Claudia Rivero / 3TV reporter With her mom and friend by her side, seven-year-old Makena Washington may not know why she was the center of attention but her mom Phyllis Kamore certainly does.

“They told me if she hadn’t called when she did, you’d be gone, not gone, they said dead,” Kamore said.

It happened two weeks ago at their Peoria home. Washington noticed something was wrong with her mom.

“I was shaking her and I was saying mommy, get up get up,” Washington said.

Phyllis had suffered a diabetic seizure. Her sugar levels were dangerously low.

“I was afraid my mom would die or that I’d be left alone if she did,” Washington said.

Washington remembered what her mom had taught her to do in case of an emergency.

“She taught me if her sugar is low to give her a teaspoon of sugar and put it in her mouth, and if I can’t then call 911,” Washington said.

That’s exactly what she did.

This is part of that call:

Operator: Makena, is your mom able to talk on the phone?

Makena: I don’t know she’s, um, sleep but she’s totally hot.

Operator: Okay.

Makena: I don’t think I can wake her up.

Washington was also able to remember the security code to allow the paramedics in. And even showed them where her mom kept her medication.

“I have to push up to reach the medication that I want to get,” she said.

And because of her extraordinary efforts, the crew from Phoenix Fire Station 58 honored this pintsize hero with a certificate and a doll.

Kamore already has a place for the certificate.

“It’ll go next to this picture of Makena dressed as an angel,” Kamore said. “I didn’t know she’d end up being my angel.”

As for Washington, she already knows what she wants to be when she grows up.

“A fire woman,” she said.

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