Al Kags

To vote or not… that is not the question.

Chances are reasonably high that I will vote in Kenya’s general election this year.

In all other elections at which I cast my ballot, there has never been doubt that I would go to the polls bright and early, enthusiastically queue in the hot sun and carefully choose my next representative.

Not so in this one. My feet are heavy, trudging towards this years polls and I find myself wondering about the value of it all. I struggle to see a presidential candidate that is any different from the other – they all seem to be the same colour to me. I struggle to see a leader with an agenda that they believe in (even one that repulses me).

I find myself rather indifferent this time. Whats interesting is that I know all 1674 reasons why I should vote – and indeed they are many. But I also should vote with my conscience. I should vote for someone I believe in that I feel other Kenyans and I have access to, someone who feels like they can be accountable to me.

My challenge is that I cannot see that person. It is not apparent to me, the people who offer a different perspective to the development of this county. I have been thinking about what the world could be #InTenYears. I am interested in a leader who is grappling with these issues as well – rather than the everyday politics that we witness daily filled with intrigue, shenanigans and gimmicks. I need to see a leader who has ideology – even if I disagree with that ideology.

One notices that I am not alone in these sentiments.

And there are many more Facebook posts that reek of disillusionment from erstwhile stalwarts of either the government or the opposition. The equivocation is what is problematic – that people are questioning whether to vote or not. The below was the most poignant of the sentiment…

People want to know that their choice, their effort is not wasted. Everyone wants to do something that feels worthwhile – Everyone wants to make change happen. There doesn’t seem to be anyone inspiring hope.


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