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Its been a while since I blogged. During this period of silence I have been pondering a whole bunch of critical questions. These include:-

1. As the Connected Kenya conference came to an end a couple weeks back, what is the next frontier/ task for ICT? What is the main priority? We have accomplished Backbone, we are doing quite well with access and the cost is down to a large extent, we are doing well with content and digital usage and mobile apps have taken root. So what now?

2. The Kenya Vision 2030 is Kenya’s rallying call to a great future. Mugo Kibati asked a group of professionals whether they had read it and remarkably, none had skimmed through it even! I have since spoken in various places and now it occurs to me that there is need for the conversation about visioning to become a household localised conversation. Without being preachy and without GoK talking down to the people – akin to Alfred Mutua’s admonitions to be patriotic and be proud of Kenya. How do we get people talking about the vision and their role – without telling them to do so?

3. The non-profit industry is thought by some – certainly by me – to be one of the hubs of where activity to change the world resides. This for me assumes that people then work honestly and with less politics than the private sector (or at least cleaner politics). I have recently been disabused of such notions. So I ponder, as my friend Simon did, where do you have the best chance to change the world? Business, non-profit, national Politics?

4. How does leadership slip and become clouded and what does a leader do? Which leader do I want to grow to be like?

I suppose as these become clearer to me, I shall write about them – at least as the thoughts organise themselves in my mind. But think with me won’t you?

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