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Poetry: I live in Silence. 

I live in Silence.

A space so vast that even winds tire to tred,
a consciousness so deep that light fears to explore,
where my scream is swallowed in the buzz
of a crowd of the ever present, ever absent,
jostling, hustling, pushing for elusive bread
with the pain of exertion – blood, sweat, tears from every pore,
I live in silence.
In a dark loud nightclub in an alley or nave
where the pious and the righteous smile and wave
with high-minded indignation and passion
while gyrating and contorting to life’s sound waves
seeking sanity and the strength to be brave,
I live in silence.
Full. Loud. Raucous. Cantankerous.

In the midst of you,
I move invisibly,
In the realm of silence.

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