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Oh, man!

This is likely going to be the shortest blogpost in my history.

I feel so raw. I feel so wounded. I feel so low. I dont even know the true extent of the people I lost at Westgate because they havent finished accounting for everyone. Yesterday I looked at the obituaries and recognised far too many people.

And then far from Westgate, Tony Kago died, short by opportunistic robbers who took advantage of the diverted attention. And then Idd salim, who I knew at iHub, died of an illness. I am so raw and wounded and sad and overwhelmed.

I am first an foremost a writer who cares deeply about the world. I enjoy stories - especially history for its rich tapestry of stories of people's lives interwoven intricately in failures and victories. I care so deeply about the world that I also spend much of my time and energy trying to make it better in some way.

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