Kenya Airways: Perfecting the cattle class feel

  1. But there seems to be a general consensus among Kenyans that the KQ management is doing a "good job" in running the Airline, when they fired a third of their flight attendants and the back and forth fights with their Pilots, the general feeling amongst Kenyans was that the Management was doing a good thing and the Front line staff were sulky babies who have no idea how a business is run. Well there you have it, overworked and demotivated cabin crew, cost cutting to the point where nobody cares about pax experience onboard their aeroplanes, In flight entertainment is viewed as an extra cost that the company is not ready to incur e.t.c. All said and done, i think KQ in itself is just a microcosmic reflection of our attitudes as Kenyans with regards to service delivery . In the Airline industry you get to compare K.Q with the Emirates, B.A's and Korean, but remember these are foreign carriers and in some of their countries of origin customer is King, and someone will sue your behind for promising him fish and you fed him chicken instead. Not so in Kenya, Hospitals, Govt. offices, Restaurants, Matatus e.t.c, will all take your money and offer you below par services. Zit! none, charity begins at home, as a country we have to start being on point when it comes to things like good service and timeliness. K.Q is just taking our culture to the World. Cheers mate and thanks for flying K.Q all the same

  2. i did NY-AMS last week on Delta and hopped into a KQ B767, and was humbled Al Kags, customs at JKIA didnt make my arrival back home(after 1.5 months) any better by insisting that my clads were too new i had to pay some tax, with all the jetlag…

  3. Dear Al,

    You have got it all wrong. KQ, choosing as its head a production engineer, views you as a unitary element of production. If you were cattle you would have feelings. You are a unit of production on a conveyor belt (that is why the blankets were tossed at you from behind–efficiency!). You made three key mistakes. 1. Speaking 2. Having an opinion 3. Expecting value for money. You also assumed that the tag line"Pride of Africa" was accurate. You need to understand that the 'd' in Pride is a typo. It is supposed to be "c"–The Price of Africa–which as you well understand is a relative concept and subject to change at the whims of the smallest of winds. You got from conveyor starting point A to "Depot and delivery" (aka JKIA) point Z, dincha?

  4. while I do not know your experience, it looks untrue. First, the distance from bangkok to nairobi is about 7000 kms. The maximum flight range of a 737-800 ( the latest in fact) is about 5500 km. so the plane could never be a 737 considering the safety measures and such.

  5. I just read the comment on KQ services on the Nairobi – Bangkok route. While I am generally happy with KQ and prefer its services over many others, I used the flight on the same route in 2011 and was very disappointed. I did complain informally to a Pilot and was hoping the same had been improved. Please KQ don't let this dent "the Pride of Africa's" image.

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