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Imagine the future


Imagine this: you wake up in the morning and go brush your teeth. As you do, you are scrolling through the latest news in social media and news. You sit to take your morning pee and your loo analyses it to note that you have a early UTI and alerts your doctor, who based on the analysis sends you a prescription to fill.

As you pour your coffee, the fridge sends a shopping list to your phone, which you send off to the store so that they can deliver later in the day.

You enter your car and it is hooked to your calendar and therefore knows where you are going. As you prepare for your meeting, the car is driving itself to your destination, figuring out the fastest route. When you encounter traffic, the car sends an email ahead alerting them that you will be 12 minutes late.

After your meeting, your sweetheart calls to say that you are amazing and the flowers are beautiful. You remember that these are the flowers you ordered last year to commemorate your anniversary this year. The restaurant that you booked already knows from being connected to your social media that you are on day 16 of your #21daysVeganChallenge so they have emailed you their vegan menu to pre-select your meal.

Imagine that. Now think of the number of jobs that would exist in this scenario, that we can’t even imagine.

Who is going to do these jobs? Are Africas preparing their kids adequately?

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