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Finally off Blackberry, I vote android

I have been a steadfast blackberry user for the past 7 years – making it a mainstream tool everywhere I have worked in that time. With mixed feelings, I now announce, that I am off the blackberry boat – and today, I am shutting down the service I have had these 7 years.

In this time, many tried to convince me to shift, but I refused. The blackberry has been a terribly useful tool for years – remaining cutting edge as a tool for business people. It’s main unique value was that you could get emails, calendar requests etc as they happened. The phone itself was my kind of phone… designwise.

But they are no longer the leaders in this respect – iphone and android phones have taken over that uniqueness. And in addition, they became cutting edge in many other areas, leaving Research in Motion wallowing in inertia.

So, I have moved. Having checked out the new iPhone 5, and having seen little to write home about, I have ended up with a Samsung android phone.

Well, let that be a lesson to us brand builders: even your die-hard fans will leave eventually. Innovate like crazy, or die. Really.

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