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Electric Cars: is Kenya ready?

Forget the major issues of availability of electricity and so on. Kenya, along with the rest of sub-saharan Africa, is among the countries that would most be affected by the whole question of Global Warming. Incidentally, the Kenyan middle class (and the East African middle class in general) is buying cars like never before – nationally, and most are imported.

I am quite incompetent at discussing the intricacies of importing vehicles in Kenya – indeed Karuoro Waithaka (@karuoro) and John Wesonga (@jwesonga) are more competent as a matter of career and interest respectively.

But having looked at these electric cars that we could potentially buy in 2011 courtesy of Business Inside (@businessinside), it occurs to me to wonder, is the Kenyan government giving any special benefits to people who want to import the more efficient cars and is it an issue among car buyers?

I feel like we still pay lip service to the whole question of alternative energy – or we dont quite understand it.Nice to look at though – especially the car called Think, being built by some Norwegians

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