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Al Kags

My ambition is to grow a 100 acre Forest

and convince the communities around it to grow trees.

Trees Planted
so far

We are starting now!


We are starting

Imagine having one hundred acres of arid land that was woodlands only 20 years ago. The once lush green land slowly turned grown as people who lived there cut down trees so to burn and make charcoal for sale. Now, there are no trees and the rains have failed time and again. Now whole communities and their animals are suffering punishing droughts that have lasted even two years.

Now imagine, through concerted effort, planting more than 50,000 trees in that 100 acres. Imagine using that initiative to plant those trees to inspire communities to plant trees so that they can “call back the rain.”

I think it can be done. So let’s start where we are, with what we have.

Join me.

The theory is that if I grow trees in the space of 100 acres, and if my neighbours – many of whom are small-holder farmers grow just 20 trees for every acre of land they have, then we shall change the climate trends of our area and “call rain back”.

There’s no better time than now. We shall learn as we grow and we shall adjust as we learn.

What better way to convince people than to start? My friends and I plan to simply start planting trees that grow comfortably in our area. We shall plant the Neem and Moringa trees as well as Cashewnut, Mango and Orange trees that we know do well. We shall grow the more traditional and indigenous trees like the Mugumo (fig) tree, knowing full well that our grandchildren will benefit from it.

We shall work to entice our communities to help plant and grow the trees and to grow seeds and seedlings that can be planted on their land as well. We shall work with you – yes, you – to do whatever you feel you can to contribute to our ambition. We’ll thank you for money for seedlings and water. We’ll thank you for your time in spreading the word.

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