Al Kags

I am afraid because I remember

I was alive during the Post-Election Violence of 20027-2008. I remember the horror, the helplessness and the fear. I am afraid again today, because I

I am going to plant a 100-acre forest.

International day of Forests I am writing this on International Day of Forests, which coincidentally is the first day of the year that we are

President William Ruto

My wishlist for rebuilding Kenya: One

The electioneering period is over and President William S Ruto has taken to his office with an encouraging start. I buy his articulated philosophy that

2022 Elections a win for transparency

And there we have it. The Supreme Court of Kenya has upheld the declaration that William Samoei Ruto is to be the fifth president of

The barriers to citizen engagement

The Open Institute works in two main ways as regards government – citizen relations. First, we promote proactive government transparency and second, we work with citizen groups

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